Your voice is an intimate and unique tool that has the power to connect...

Picture this: one year from now you've launched your podcast and have just hit 10K downloads.

Let's get you into the hearts and ears of your soul-mate clients,
live and listed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!


Have you been feeling the pull to create your own podcast?
Maybe thinking you're just not ready yet?

 But it keeps bubbling up from your soul asking for you to take notice and take the leap...
Here's the thing I want you to know - every single podcaster on the planet has felt this way!

The tech you'll need to get started and how to map out your first podcast season so you can confidently present like a podcasting priestess.

The exact 'how-to' steps for recording, editing and producing podcast episodes so you get a professional sounding podcast that will blow the socks off your audience.

The simple, easy way to broadcast your heart-centred message and get your podcast on all the podcasting platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Google Play.

What if you could...

See yourself a year from now reflecting on the fact that you confidently lived and spoke your truth, claimed your stage, launched your podcast and created impact within your community.

You didn't let the fear of the unknown hold you back and you experienced your best year yet!

Sure, there were some hiccups along the way, some tech to wrap your head around, a new work-flow rhythm to move into but you trusted the process, felt the fire in your soul and connected with your audience in a whole new way.

You gathered the evidence that you're a world-class speaker, a potent presenter and one heck-of-a podcaster.

This is for the woman who KNOWS they are worthy, capable and qualified to be a podcaster. The woman who just needs a little guidance on the how of podcasting. 


Zero to Launch

The most comprehensive guide to getting your podcast from big idea to bingeable - this self-paced online course walks you through the step-by-step process for you to do-it-all-yourself and go from Zero to launched and listed.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Podcast Planning - how to nail your name, structure your episodes and the four elements needed to create consistency in your upload frequency. 
  • Tech gear - the best microphones to suit your budget, the free editing software to use to record your episodes, and the best way to create studio quality sound from your inside your own home.
  • How to setup your podcast for success from the get-go, the pillars I use to make decision making easy when it comes to sourcing topics, guests or promoting your podcast.
  • Template scripts for your podcast show intro and outro so you can confidently record a high quality introduction to your show and how to add free royalty free music.
  • Canva tutorial for podcast cover art, how to take your own best headshot and tips for writing a bangin' bio that will blow the socks off of your audience.
  • SEO tips for writing show notes and making sure your podcast is the most discoverable on all of the podcast platforms.
  • Journal prompts to let go of the fear holding you back from being seen in a whole new way by your audience and a meditation for you to step into your next-level of visibility feeling confident, empowered, and completely ready.
  • A complete how-to tutorial of editing and producing your audio voice recordings and adjusting levels of music so your sound is seamless and natural to the listeners ear. 
  • How to build a professional Podcast Show intro/outro and sweeper from start to finish.
  •  The power of 'Episode Zero' and talking points to use for your first podcast episodes that will connect with the listener and keep them coming back for more.
  • How to create an audiogram and the best way to market your podcast episodes to grow your audience and downloads, plus the launch strategy to help you hit the 'New + Noteworthy' charts.
  • How to setup your Media Host and submit your podcast to Apple, Spotify and Google Play.

Inside The Course

Podcast Planning

How to prepare and plan out your entire first season, understanding the structure and format you need for podcast episodes and how to stay consistent with recording your episodes to avoid pod fade.

Tech Gear

My go-to microphones that fit any budget, tips on what headphones to use and also the software you'll need to get started in podcasting. A complete de-mystify of the tech so you can go from rookie to rockstar.

Mapping your podcast season

How to tap into your creative energy and meet your podcast like it is its own entity, this sets you worlds apart from the competition and allows you to deliver content in a way that is fun, authentic and deeply connecting to the listener. 

Recording your voice

A tutorial on how to get the best sound without having to step foot into a studio, plus all the tips and tricks to get your voice sounding like chocolate-velvety goodness to your listeners.

Editing your podcast

An in-depth look at how to edit audio using Audacity a free software program, so that you can edit like a pro and get that professional sounding finish on all your podcast episodes. 

Building your Intro/Outro

This module shows you where to source royalty free music and how to edit together the music and your voice for a studio sounding podcast show introduction.

Episode Zero

The power of Episode Zero is real, this module takes you through some epic talking points for your very first podcast episode.

Podcast cover art

A complete tutorial of how to use Canva to create stunning podcast cover art that will wow your audience.

Promoting your podcast

This module takes you through how to create an audiogram using Headliner to promote your podcast episodes on the socials.

Writing episode show notes

Write show notes that not only inform but optimise your SEO on Google plus give listeners great resources for engaging deeper with you.

Media Host setup

How to setup a media host using Buzzsprout my preferred host, plus how to submit your podcast to Apple and Spotify to get LIVE!

Launch Strategy

Having a solid launch strategy to get your podcast noticed by the charts and into the hearts and ears of a previously untapped audience for you. 

PLUS epic bonuses...

Bonus 1  
EFT tapping session

No one is immune from feeling the 'who-the-heck-am-I-to-do-this' feels, so I created a video training that includes some EFT tapping to overcome Imposter Syndrome and step into the confidence you deserve. 

Bonus 2  

The Podcasts that perform are the ones that captivate their audience, not just the ones that inform and educate. If you want a podcast that can hit those charts, learn the skills to be a great interviewer.

Bonus 3  
Turn Guests Into Gold

Interviewing epic guests is how I grew my grassroots podcast with zero audience into over 10K downloads in just 53 episodes, in this masterclass I show you how to turn your guests into gold + grow your downloads.

Get the podcast

Yes, I'm ready to claim my place and own my stage...

I've heard enough and I'm totally done with the Imposter-y feels and the voice that says 'who-the-heck-am- to-start-a-podcast!'
I know I was born for more, with a message etched on my heart and blazed in my soul, I am here to share it with the world!

This course is absolutely for you if...

  • You've been told you're a natural born storyteller and have an affinity for magical conversations.
  • You have a genuine desire to give your audience epic free value that they can implement for their transformation.
  • You feel the deep pull to create a legacy that goes far beyond your life and your children's lives.
  • You're here to create impact, community and cohesion with the power of your own voice.
  • The tech headaches and how-to of podcasting has been blocking you from starting.

You may want to keep looking if...

  • You just want to start a podcast because your coach told you it was a good idea and all the cool kids are doing it.
  • You're not ready to fully back yourself, own your stage and claim your voice.
  • You don't have the time or energy to commit to a new platform that you can repurpose content from.
  • You already outsource all of your content creation and aren't excited about having epic conversations.
  • You're not interested in overcoming your blocks and Imposter Syndrome so you can share your message more authentically.

"Last year I did Nikki's Zero to Launch course and I was blown away by how much of her knowledge she shared with us. From fave mic's to program options for editing and hosting, and a total 'how-to' for producing your own podcast - literally from Zero to Launch. It's a fabulous course and I learnt so much from it, Nikki is an absolute fairy godmother when it comes to podcasting!"

Lynzey May
The Soul Whispers Technique

Podcasts perform like no other medium can...
your voice, your vibration and your tone, speaking directly to your listeners hearts and ears.

I'm Nikki O'Brien

I believe the magic of conversation is real... that each unique voice is the cornerstone of facilitating healing, change and transformation.

As the Podcasting Priestess I adore working with big-hearted, epic souls to connect more intimately with their audience through the power of their voice. Using my extensive background in the media where I worked as a radio announcer for radio stations across Australia I've now poured all of my knowledge and wisdom into this signature program Zero to Launch.

I'm also the creator of the binge-worthy and wildly successful podcast Quintessential Being, offering listeners a fresh perspective that cultivates awareness and invites more self-acceptance.

Podcasting has power baby and I'm in!

There is no time like the present to trust your own instincts and know that you are wildly capable of creating a catalogue of free high value content for your audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can honestly start a podcast with a phone and app or 3, however if you are wanting to level-up in your business and present with studio quality sound on podcasts/FB lives/ Course material I recommend getting a microphone. We cover what microphone to get to suit your needs in Module 1 however if you are wanting to purchase one before starting the course my number one pick is the RODE podcaster.

Honestly, I believe you'll know in your soul if this is the course for you, you're a wildly capable woman who knows what she needs and I am not here to 'sell' you anything you don't need. If the calling of making a podcast has been on your heart for a while and you want to immerse in the do-it-yourself process so you understand every aspect, then I for sure know you'll get what you want right here. 

Yes, if within 7 days of purchase you're not vibing with the material and feel like this course isn't exactly what you were expecting, then I am more than happy to offer you a full refund. It is my genuine desire that everyone who purchases this course feels beyond satisfied with the quality of content and podcasting knowledge.

What Clients Are Saying

"I'm so glad I came across Nikki's Zero to Launch course and was so grateful to be learning from a soul-led woman, yet one with a background in commercial radio and with such a professional approach and experience. If you're looking to start a podcast I wouldn't look any further than Nikki's courses, she will give you all you need and more!
ZTL goes beyond a traditional podcast course and goes into the why not just the how, thanks Nikki you're a gem."

Movement Mentor & Alternative Health Coach

"I had a fair idea on what I wanted my podcast to be about but I didn't know how to get it done. These videos gave me the 'how' and more... things I hadn't even thought about in podcasting. Now I feel confident that I have a well-made podcast and I love the way Nikki teaches us to connect with our listeners."


"I had been sitting on this big, beautiful idea of a podcast for 2 years and the reason I wasn't launching was because I kept putting it in the too hard basket because techie stuff is NOT my area of genius. Then I found Nikki and learnt that she was a Podcast Coach, I signed up immediately to Podcast In Your Pocket and it couldn't have been a better investment! She taught me everything I needed to know,  I now have a podcast that has topped the charts and reached 4000 global listeners all within it's first season."

Empowerment Coach

Let's do this thing...
I'm ready to join the podcast posse!

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