Facilitate next-level integrations and transformation for your clients...

M e d i t a t i o n   M a v e n 
the course that shows you how to create powerful meditations so your clients can embed the energetic side of your teachings - an unrivalled way to amplify the after-care and support of your peeps, helping them to shift their beliefs and change patterns of behaviour. 


Meditations are one of the fastest growing industries on the planet...
So why not create your own?

Creating meditations so your clients feel more aligned and get faster results is big business!
A potent combination of the voice and energetic frequency of music - there isn't a more powerful way to support the people in your learning containers.

The software and tech needed to record professional, studio quality sound from your very own home. 

Where to source royalty free songs or hypnosis music and how to add it to your meditation

How to upload your meditation to Insight Timer and reach a whole new audience for your business.

What if you could...

Open your inbox to hundreds of messages from women all across the globe thanking you for your work in the world!

Messages like: "I'm just so blown away by the transformation I experienced in this container, thanks to you I am literally walking around as the best version of myself! I've told ALL of my friends how amazing you are and am truly just so grateful that I came across your work."

If you want to have a bigger impact in the world and facilitate lasting change for your clients simply by supporting them deeper, further and better than ever before then creating meditations for your clients is an integral part of that vision.

Meditation Maven is here!

What's in this thing?

Recording your voice

How to create studio quality sound at home and record your voice so that your soothing tones can truly facilitate healing, change and transformation for your clients. 

Editing using Audacity

How to edit your voice recording to remove any pesky ums, ahs, tuts and coughs using a free software program called Audacity. Easy, intuitive and simple to implement. 

Adding Music

Where to source royalty free music for your powerful meditations and how to add them so that the audio levels are just right and your voice is the star of the show.

Uploading to Insight Timer

How to create an Insight Timer Teacher's account and upload your meditations to the platform so that you can reach a previously untapped audience.

Get started today

I'm ready to be a Meditation Maven...

Wealth is a frequency. Healing is a frequency. Love is a frequency.

Combining my voice with music to make a potent and powerful meditation for my clients is a frequency like no other and supportive AF - LET'S DO THIS!

"You can make audio art with your phone + an app or 3!"
 - Nikki O'Brien

The proof is in the pudding...

"Nikki is my go-to lady, she is like my secret weapon when it comes to anything audio and turns my tracks into absolute gold! If you need help with meditations, podcasting or extracting your message then you have to speak to this amazing lady."

Business Coach + Mindset Magician

"I highly recommend Meditation Maven, I originally participated in this course myself and went on to refer many of my business coaching clients who have also loved it and gone on to record meditations like pros. Nikki's high vibe way of sharing her gifts and talents, knowledge and skills make this course fun and of the highest quality. "

Business Strategist + Alchemist

"Thank you Nikki for your Meditation Maven course. By the end of the course I had successfully released my own abundance meditation. The big thing I learnt from the course was different options for music - including some amazing music composed in Australia."

Founder of Joyful Frugalista

I'm Nikki O'Brien

As a former radio presenter for Southern Cross Austereo (Australia's most diverse entertainment company with audio and visual brands and content reaching 95% of Australians) - I know a thing or two about engaging with audiences in a meaningful, fun and entertaining way.

I love bringing my savvy tech knowledge along with the spiritual and soul-led side of me to deliver courses that not only teach my clients valuable skills and knowledge, but also open them up to their own expansion.

Welcome to my corner of the web - it's fun here!

Meditations are magic baby, I'm IN!

I'm ready to play big and facilitate change, transformation and healing for my clients like never before...
there's no time like the present to show the Universe just how serious I am about creating positive impact within my community.

I am wildly capable and exceptionally willing to take the next step in owning my unique power and sharing it with the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is No. You can easily record great sounding meditations using your in-built phone microphone, however if recording meditations/ doing podcast interviews/ FB Lives etc is something you envision doing continuously for the foreseeable future I recommend investing in a microphone. The RODE Podcaster mic is my fave by far. 

Honestly, I'm not here to convince you that it is for you babe - you are a wildly capable woman who knows what she needs and trusts her decision making ability - if you feel it in your soul, the course is for you. If you want to immerse in the do-it-yourself process of making magical meditations from scratch then this course will most certainly deliver.

Yes, if within 7 days of purchase you're not vibing with the content of this course and feel like you're not getting exactly what you expected, then I am more than happy to offer you a full refund. 

I'm ready to be a Meditation Maven

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