Landing + nailing FREE PR is an essential strategy for growth in business...

Picture this: one year from now you've expanded your client base, landed in front of NEW audiences + increased your following exponentially.

Let's get you into the hearts, ears + minds of fresh soul-mate clients,


Have you been feeling the pull to become a world-class charismatic speaker?

 But you're not sure how to hone your speaking skills, pitch to potential podcasts or put together a Media Kit...
I got you!

How to structure your pitch so you get a
every single time.

What to include in your Media Kit and how to make one using my free Canva template.

What to do with the audience once you get in front of them so you convert them into loyal, loving clients.

What if you could...

See yourself a year from now reflecting on the fact that you confidently shared your message, claimed your stage and created impact within your community.

You didn't let the fear of the unknown hold you back and you experienced your best year in business yet!

Sure, there were some blocks to overcome along the way,
 but you trusted the process, felt the fire in your soul and connected with a whole new audience in a completely soul-aligned way.

You gathered the evidence that you're a world-class speaker, a potent presenter and one heck-of-a podcaster.

This is for the woman who KNOWS they are worthy, capable and qualified to expand their presence in the online marketing world. The woman who just needs a little guidance on the essential strategy to catapult you + your biz into success!


Media Mogul Magic

The most comprehensive guide to getting your podcast from big idea to bingeable - this self-paced online course walks you through the step-by-step process for you to do-it-all-yourself and go from Zero to launched and listed.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Podcast pitching - how to structure your pitches and the elements to include to speak directly to the host and ensure you always get a YES. 
  • How to conduct interviews on your own podcast or social media platform so you can cement your credibility with your existing audience.
  • Template scripts for your podcast pitches and how to confidently record a kick-ass interview.
  • Canva tutorial and free template for media kit/one sheet, with tips for writing a bangin' bio that will blow the socks off of your audience.
  • My step-by-step process and marketing materials to get your guest to share your interview/ podcast episode with their own audience every time.
  • The best tips and questions to ask your guest interviewee so you can extract the gold and help them share their genius with your audience.
  •  The templates I use for guest after-care and the strategy I use to choose the best matches to optimize for maximum impact.
  • How to prepare yourself and your guest for the best interview experience ever.

Inside The Course


How to create a pitch that lands you big name guests on your podcast and what to do once you get the YES. A complete de-mystify of the process of how to prepare for a world-class interview so your guest is put at ease and your audience is captivated!

Turn Guests Into Gold

All podcast guests are not created equal, this session teaches you how to decipher who is worth bringing onto your podcast and highlights the importance of guest after-care so you get your episode shared with their audience every single time. 

Making a Media Kit

Landing phenomenal guests on your podcast is great but FREE PR is better! Land those coveted keynote speaking gigs in this session as I show you how to create a Media Kit and/or One sheet so that you can feel confident pitching to potential podcasts and publications.

Get the PR

Yes, I'm ready to claim my voice and own my stage...

I've heard enough and I'm totally done with the Imposter-y feels and the voice that says 'who-the-heck-am-to-do-this?'
I know I was born for more, with a message etched on my heart and blazed in my soul, I am here to share it with the world...

Let's GO!

This bundle is absolutely for you if...

  • You've been told you're a natural born storyteller and have an affinity for magical conversations.
  • You have a genuine desire to give your audience epic free value that they can implement for their transformation.
  • You feel the deep pull to create a legacy that goes far beyond your life and your children's lives.
  • You're here to create impact, community and cohesion with the power of your own voice.
  • You love helping others shine in the spotlight just as much as you because the more the merrier right?!

You may want to keep looking if...

  • You just want to use your guest for the reputation and audience.
  • You're not ready to fully back yourself, own your stage and claim your voice.
  • You don't have the time or energy to commit to a putting yourself put there and landing new guest speaking roles.
  • You already outsource all of your content creation and aren't excited about having epic conversations.
  • You're not interested in refining your speaking talent so you can share your message with more confidence and authenticity.

"Last year I did Nikki's Zero to Launch course and I was blown away by how much of her knowledge she shared with us. From fave mic's to program options for editing and hosting, and a total 'how-to' for producing your own podcast - literally from Zero to Launch. It's a fabulous course and I learnt so much from it, Nikki is an absolute fairy godmother when it comes to podcasting!"

Lynzey May
The Soul Whispers Technique

Podcasts speak to your audience like no other medium can...
your voice, your vibration and your tone, directly to the hearts and ears of listeners.

I'm Nikki O'Brien

I believe the magic of conversation is real... that each unique voice is the cornerstone of facilitating healing, change and transformation.

As the Podcasting Priestess I adore working with big-hearted, epic souls to connect more intimately with their audience through the power of their voice. Using my extensive background in the media where I worked as a radio announcer for radio stations across Australia I've now poured all of my knowledge and wisdom into this signature program Zero to Launch.

I'm also the creator of the binge-worthy and wildly successful podcast Quintessential Being, offering listeners a fresh perspective that cultivates awareness and invites more self-acceptance.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can honestly just use air pods, however if you are wanting to level-up in your business and present with studio quality sound on podcasts/FB lives/ Course material I recommend getting a microphone, my number one pick is the RODE podcaster.

Honestly, I believe you'll know in your soul if this is the course for you, you're a wildly capable woman who knows what she needs and I am not here to 'sell' you anything you don't need. 

Yes, if within 7 days of purchase you're not vibing with the material and feel like this course isn't exactly what you were expecting, then I am more than happy to offer you a full refund. It is my genuine desire that everyone who purchases this bundle feels beyond satisfied with the quality of content and knowledge.

Let's do this thing...
I'm ready!

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Media Kit template ($22)
Pitch template ($22)
Visibility Meditation (Value $33)
Journal Prompts (Value $22)





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